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« NFL Football Jacksonville Jaguars at Cincinnati Bengals from Paul Brown Stadium (HD) Jacksonville ended a four-game skid to the Bengals with a 23-7 victory in 2017; Cincinnati seeks its first win after falling to Baltimore, 23-17, in Week 6.
CBS Sports Spectacular 10 Greatest: Golf Comebacks (HD, TV-G) An in-depth look at some of the most remarkable, breathtaking and career defining comebacks in tournaments over the PGA Tour's nearly 90-year history.

NCIS: Los Angeles Leipei (HD, TV-14) The NCIS: LA team is pressed for time after discovering that a victim who was killed by a drone is linked to a terrorist group that is plotting another strike.
NCIS: Los Angeles The Grey Man (HD, TV-14) Kensi and Deeks take on an undercover case involving the Mexican cartel after a homeless man who was once a marine and CIA agent turns up murdered.
NCIS: Los Angeles Traitor (HD, TV-14) Hetty locks down the department and calls for an investigation after Granger is poisoned by the informant and Eric is named one of the persons of interest.

Gilligan's Island Take a Dare (TV-G) A survival game show takes place on the island where the winning contestant stands to collect $10,000 for living alone on a deserted island for an entire week.
Gilligan's Island Court Martial (TV-G) The Skipper hears over the radio that he is being blamed for the S.S. Minnow and its passengers becoming lost, prompting a trial hearing by the castaways.
Gilligan's Island The Hunter (TV-G) A big game hunter decides to hunt Gilligan, and if Gilligan is able to elude the hunter for twenty-four hours, the castaways may finally be rescued.
Gilligan's Island Lovey's Secret Admirer (TV-G) Mrs. Howell begins receiving several romantic letters from an anonymous suitor, and a determined Mr. Howell sets out to reveal his competitor's identity.
The Monkees The Spy Who Came in from the Cool Davy's new maracas have cameras planted inside that the Intelligence Service seeks to retrieve but they are hindered by the usual Monkee music and craziness.
The Monkees Success Story Davey convinces the guys to be his personal staff when he finds out his grandfather is coming to visit him under the impression he's become a big success.

Forensic Files Letter Perfect (HD, TV-14) A healthy man dies in his sleep from a lethal dose of lidocaine in his blood; a suicide note is found, but a forensic linguist sees through it.
Forensic Files True Lies (HD, TV-14) In the summer of 1986, Kathleen Lipscomb's body was discovered on an isolated road outside San Antonio; years later, a private investigator found her diary.
Forensic Files Over and Out (HD, TV-14) Law enforcement officials investigate when a pipe bomb explodes in a rural neighborhood, killing a young man and severely injuring his mother.
Forensic Files Oily in the Morning (HD, TV-14) After looking at the logistics of the evidence presented, forensic specialists believe foul play is involved in a car accident that led to a teen's death.
Forensic Files A Clean Getaway (HD, TV-14) Law enforcement officials are faced with conflicting testimony from two eyewitnesses and a prime suspect that doesn't match their descriptions.
Forensic Files Prints Among Thieves (HD, TV-14) When an eccentric millionaire who was notorious for neglecting security measures is murdered, investigators initially suspect that the motive was robbery

Entertainers with Byron Allen (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Comic and writer Byron Allen interviews the biggest stars in Hollywood to get all the details on their latest projects and their personal stories.
Movie (TV-PG) Movie title to be announced.
Leverage The Experimental Job (HD, TV-14) The team is forced to revisit their days in college in order to find out the mysterious cause behind all the missing veterans that once roamed the streets.

« Purple Rain (R, **+) A struggling musician fears that his talent may not be enough to achieve the stardom he craves or win the love of an aspiring young singer.
Boomerang (TV-14, R, **) A macho skirt-chaser working at an advertising agency gets his just desserts when he falls for an attractive colleague who treats him like a mere sex object.

Vanished with Beth Holloway Amy Bradley (HD, TV-PG) Beth investigates the disappearance of a young woman who vanished off the deck of a cruise ship in what seems to be an international sex slave operation.
Vanished with Beth Holloway Imbo-Petronne; Gosch; Berelez (HD, TV-14) Beth visits with families of three missing persons' cases, including a couple who disappeared from Philadelphia, a teenage paperboy, and a little girl who died.
Missing Persons Deleted; Cruel Streets

« Gunfight at Comanche Creek (TV-PG, NR, *+) A detective goes undercover to join a violent gang of outlaws and bandits in order to bring them to justice, but the task proves extremely difficult.
Column South (TV-PG, NR, **+) Jed Sayre is a lieutenant in the United States Calvary and the commander of New Mexico's Fort Union, but he is ordered to turn over the command of the post.
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