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Family Feud
The Big Bang Theory The Conjugal Conjecture (HD, TV-14) In the aftermath of Sheldon's mother having an intimate evening with Leonard's father, the gang is left to deal with an uncomfortable morning the next day.
The Big Bang Theory The Military Miniaturization (HD, TV-PG) Howard and the guys agree to meet with an Air Force colonel to discuss a guidance system; Bernadette's coworkers find out she's pregnant.
The Big Bang Theory The Dependence Transcendence (HD, TV-PG) The guys experience tension while working nonstop to complete the task that was delegated to them by the government; Amy and Penny attend a house party.
The Big Bang Theory The Cohabitation Experimentation (HD, TV-PG) Sheldon agrees to Amy's proposal for them to try out a "cohabitation experiment" after her apartment is flooded; Howard and Bernadette's baby's gender.
Murdoch Mysteries Murdoch and the Temple of Death (HD, TV-PG) Crabtree and Murdoch stumble upon an ominous temple that is believed to have ancient treasure within, but those who enter face their potential doom.

« Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Pique (HD, TV-14) A recently fired software company employee is suspected of slaying one of his colleagues, and the detectives discover a startling possible motivation.
Law & Order Public Service Homicide (HD, TV-14) A suspected pedophile is murdered after being outed by a TV news magazine, and McCoy must convince the producer to reveal the true culprit.
Law & Order Profiteer (HD, TV-14) The murder of a CEO at an armored vest company is tied to the death of a soldier in Iraq who was killed when his vest failed to protect him.
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« Battlestar Galactica The Young Lords Starbuck crashes on a world where a band of child survivors has taken up arms to rescue their enslaved father.
Kolchak: The Night Stalker The Knightly Murders (TV-PG) Kolchak employs a holy ax to do battle with a possessed suit of armor that is dispatching all who dare disturb its owner's final resting place.
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea The Cyborg (TV-G) Forced to make a donation to Dr. Ulrich's "Memory Bank" when visiting the cybernetics laboratory, Nelson needs the help of female cyborg, Gundi, to escape.
Land of the Giants Land of the Lost (TV-PG) A tyrannical king uses a tractor beam in order to draw a giant child's balloon the crew was hiding in to his kingdom and capture them.

« Comedy.TV (HD, New, TV-PG) Well-known and rising comics take to the stage to perform their side-splitting routines for a live audience and interested viewers at home.
Rules of Engagement Sex Toy Story (HD, TV-14) After Jennifer hosts a party at which sex toys are offered for sale, Jeff wonders if he and Audrey are missing out on something in their personal life.
The King of Queens Hartford Wailer (HD, TV-PG) Doug's attempt at romance uncovers Carrie's "work retreat" for what it really is, and Danny and Spence's plan to get into a Billy Idol concert backfires.
Texas Music Scene (TV-PG) Viewers are provided with a music showcase that focuses on Texas artists, including both the new up-and-comers as well as the legends that shaped the genre.
Pawn Stars Pony Up (HD, TV-PG) The staff views classified information from a former attorney general, a 1960s U.S. Marines "Mighty Mite" ATV, and a 1970s electronic horse-race analyzer.
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« The Glimmer Man (TV-14, R, **) Two Los Angeles policemen with opposing personalities must race against the clock in order to catch a serial killer and his copycat.
Take a Hard Ride (TV-14, PG, **) A stone-faced cowboy encounters friends and foes while transporting a large bankroll across the Western wasteland to deliver it to his boss' widow.

« Dead Again Behind Closed Doors (HD, TV-14) Investigators Michele Wood, Joe Schillaci and Kevin Gannon reopen a controversial murder case where a young mother was killed while her children were sleeping.
Drugs Inc. Coke Kings and Queens (HD, TV-14) Cocaine and marijuana are the social lubricants of choice for a subculture of London residents who work long hours and stay up to play afterward.
Drugs Inc. San Francisco Meth Zombies (HD, TV-14) San Francisco's meth trade engenders a battle between the Asian cartel that has been supplying the city and the Mexican cartel, which wants to take over.
Drugs Inc. Jamaican Gangs, Guns and Ganja (HD, TV-14) A large portion of Jamaica's culture and economy is bound to the drug trade; Devlin runs a 100-member gang that controls distribution in his area.

« Heaven with a Gun (TV-14, NR, **+) The determined new preacher of a small Western town reverts to his criminal ways when a feud threatens his congregation and the peace in his parish.
The Wild Bunch (TV-14, R, ***+) During the early 1900s, a gang of aging outlaws plans one last heist at the United States-Mexican border, as the Old West rapidly dissolves.
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